Ramadan and fasting

Ramadan starts today.

How much do you know about the custom? I’m ashamed that I just associated Ramadan with fasting. Actually I often pass by numerous Muslims who go to Mosque that is there is nearby my home in ordinary life. I want to know their custom and searched for what is that.

What is Ramadan

Ramadan doesn’t mean fasting, that is the 9th month regarding the Hegira which is the Islamic calendar. This month is called holy month for Muslims because the Quran which is the sourcebook of Islamic principles that Allah revealed that to Muhammad who is the prophet of Muslims.

Hijri is one of the lunar calendars made based on the waxing and waning of the moon. That’s why the DateTime move over a little around 11 days every year. Ramadan starts from 24 Apr for about a month. However, it will start from the mid of Apr next year.

Then how do the period of that would be decided? There is “the committee to observe the prime of the moon” all over the world. They look over the sky at night and declare the period formally once they could check the new moon by the naked eye. Thus, the starting date would be postponed if they don’t recognize that because of the sort of cloud.

What do they do

They don’t eat and drink at all from the sunrise until the set of sun. This action is called Saum that is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. By the way, the Five Pillars consists of ‘Shahada’, ’Sarah’, ’Zakat’, ’Hadj’, and ’Saum’.

The reason they are into Ramadan depends on the people. Some act up to them without the background because of a part of the religion. But others normally have some certain purpose and feel something through this opportunity.

For example, some develop empathy for equality and starvation through by experience hunger and self-sacrifice. some enhance a sense of solidarity by sharing painful experiences together. others re-recognize a minuscule themselves and keep working with their feet on the ground getting off the arrogance.

Ramadan with coronavirus

The owner of the restaurant decorates a ton of brilliant lantern every year. In addition, numerous people, especially young people, gather in the place and enjoy having dinner until late at night. But they won’t do that this year to avoid spreading the infection in a wide range.

The government in many countries has lots of Muslims prohibited to gather in Mosque to divine service. They will think out a plan and try to make it at home for a month.

Speaking of Muslims, you might imagine an area called the Middle East. That’s partially true but many Muslims live in Asia too. For instance, some countries of a large proportion are Bangladesh, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Pakistan, and so on.

We don’t need to talk about religion initiatively because this subject seems quite sensitive. However, I’m pretty sure we might as well learn about the thought of a person next to you.

Keep changing, keep going.



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