Measures for emergency situations express originally the character

Tom Okamoto
2 min readMar 20, 2020


HK government made public to carry out quarantine enforcement until the mid of June against people come from foreign countries.

This news depressed me but worse incident impended over me than the above news. Let me share the story with you today.

I had a plan to go travel abroad from last year and already reserved the ticket on a ticket. However, I had no choice but to cancel the schedule by virtue of this situation. That’s why I contacted the website to apply for a refund from them. I never dreamed that I had to experience a terrible disaster then.

First of all, I take a look at the information if I can apply the refund application and how should I do that on the website. That certainly mentioned, “Please feel free to contact us on the live chat as below if you have any inquiry for the change or cancellation request of the ticket”.

After a while I sent a message on their live chat form, they replied to me with only a message. I was so shocked by the short sentence, “Telephone number is xxx” from them. That’s all? I tried to ask them again but they didn’t respond to me anymore. Why? You told me to contact you on live chat and I contact you…

I gave up it once and for all and call them. After a bit, it connected to an automatic voice response. I pushed the number in order according to their instruction. Finally, the machine voice said to me, “Thank you” and the call cut off suddenly after I selected the last number. What’s happened? It cannot be helped with this matter.

I learned the important thing from this experience. I guess they have been that much busier than ordinarily to deal with customer’s complaints or inquiries and so on. I totally understand their tough situation easily and they provide useful assistance to customers the best of their abilities of course.

However, I’m sure how to deal with emergency matters like under the current situation express originally the character of the person, firm or team. Humans are naturally making a mistake. That's why the attitude after the error is more important than not making an error.

Hopefully to improve their service more in future.



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